08 May

Recap of the 2015 Capitol Conference

For twenty-five years, NAHU members have been coming to Washington, D.C., to stand together and make their voices heard. This year, make sure your voice is amongst the crowd. By registering for NAHU’s 25th Annual Capitol Conference, you will have the opportunity to join with hundreds of your colleagues from around the country to lobby for health reform changes of importance to you and your clients on Capitol Hill. You will also get to hear from exciting speakers representing Congress, the Administration and other health reform stakeholders, network with other agents and see our Health Underwriters Political Action Committee at work. With the 114th Congress having just convened under new leadership, now is the perfect time to come to Washington, D.C., and stand up as a force for change.


Here’s a few things the Portland attendees had to say about the conference.


My two cents that would be that I attended a breakout session on Monday afternoon “Understanding the Employer Reporting Requirements”  where a member of the IRS was available for Q & A.  An individual got up and started talking about the inconsistencies in the way carriers treat HRA’s due to law/regulation and the member of the IRS heard what  talking about (thanks to Dave Fear), made notes and said that he would work on creating a fix for us.  It was pretty neat to watch that happen and realize that with clear communication, we CAN change things.

– Dawn Miller, OAHU President


“As a first time attendee of NAHU’s Capitol Conference, it was an exciting and enlightening experience to meet with our elected officials and educate them on the importance of key decisions related to health insurance and reform.  They care deeply about their constituents and look to us as valued experts/partners on matters that have resounding impacts on our clients, our agents and our carriers. Seeing the process firsthand gave me new-found appreciation for the important legislative advocacy that NAHU engages in on a national level and that OAHU, PAHU and WVAHU engage in at a local level. I look forward to seeing how our conversations impact the decisions of legislators as they vote on bills that effect all of us. I can’t think of a more important reason to be involved in the Association of Health Underwriters then the difference we make on policy and law matters, and I would encourage every member who can, to attend.”

– Sally Kallianis, Incoming PAHU President


My experience:  As a first time attendee, it was truly inspiring to see that what we do here in Oregon and the surrounding states really does have a bigger impact than it sometimes seems.  Connecting with people from all over the country, including our representatives in the house and senate, and our advocates at NAHU, who share the same hopes and goals for our industry was both empowering and educational.

– Emma Passe, PAHU Spring Forum Chair


Capitol Conference was a great experience. I have attended this event several times, but this was slightly different. It was very interesting going into legislators’ offices and hearing a different tone. It was a subtle but noticeable change that I attributed to the changes we’ve seen in the make up of congress. I found legislators more accessible than I have in the past. They seemed to listen a little closer and show a little more interest. The conference was great – some very good speakers and topics – including a lot of discussion about cost containment. It is always nice to spend time with the Oregon contingent in DC. Overall it was very worthwhile and allowed us to gain more knowledge and insight into the direction of healthcare reform in the 114th congress.

– Jamie Sewel, WVAHU President


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