01 Apr

How to Create and Maintain a Viable Wellness Program at the 2015 Spring Forum

We are excited to announce our first ever PAHU Wellness Panel. PAHU has secured three great panelists from the local community to help discuss the ever growing topic of wellness and specifically their experiences with implementing and maintaining viable wellness plans. This panel will be moderated by PAHU President,   Tim Rasch.  

Meet our panelists:

Benjamin Prinzing, Founder at Kadalyst Health Partners










Benjamin Prinzing is the founder and Managing Partner at Kadalyst Health Partners, a workforce health consulting company in Portland, Oregon. Kadalyst helps employers develop their in-house worksite wellness programs by acting as the actual “wellness department,” while proving additional services such biometric screening and health coaching. Kadalyst’s model has proven to drive 80-90%+ active engagement, while improving employee health and better controlling healthcare costs, even without incentives.


Benjamin is also the 2013 and 2014 Worksite Wellness Summit chairperson, which is an annual all-day event held in Portland, where industry leaders present on the latest trends and programs in worksite wellness. In addition, Benjamin is the co-founder of the Worksite Wellness Network (WWN), which is a local networking forum that launched in 2012, as an ongoing spin-off of the annual summit, that meets bi-monthly to showcase local company’s wellness programs, while helping members improve their own wellness strategies. There are over 200 members, representing over 150 companies.


Benjamin’s passion for the wellness industry sparked after a colleague in 2005, passed away due to heart failure at age 38. Since then, Benjamin has been on a mission to drive meaningful engagement and outcomes for employers through his organization, while volunteering time to community-based initiatives like the summit and the WWN, to help promote the need for enhanced programming and local collaboration.


Meet Windy Hazell, National Director for People Growers of America, Inc.



Windy Hazell is one of the nation’s leading authorities on Corporate Wellness Promotion, working in the industry since it’s real awakening in the 80’s . Windy honed her skills working in the Corporate offices of People Growers of America, which opened its’ doors in 1985 in San Diego, Ca..  In the year 2000 she was offered the opportunity to develop the Northwest, and has since taking the division nationwide in 2005 and has taken the roll of National Director and owner of People Growers NW.

Windy’s innovative approach to corporate wellness encompasses combining valuable preventive screenings and risk assessments with interactive displays focused on all aspects of health, safety and life management skills to create stimulating and motivating venues for employee education and personal growth. Windy is also the creator and publisher of the Ultimate Wellness Resource Directory which is an annual publication sent out to over 3000 subscribers nationwide.

The passion and joy she has for her work is evident, so be prepared for an “enthusiasm inoculation” as she delivers some hard-earned secrets for building a successful Corporate Wellness Program.






Meet David Mays, President and CEO of Walker Tracker.

David Head Shot












David serves as President/CEO of Walker Tracker, a Portland-based software company that creates and administers private, activity-based wellness portals for organizations worldwide. Walker Tracker is now a leader in the wellness field, with clients that include Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, the US Military, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and even entire communities!

Prior to Walker Tracker David worked with Synergy Corps, a Seattle consulting firm, helping organizations create and manage change.  He has held a number of senior management positions with  technology companies, including Quality Logic, NetApp, EMC, and Property  Metrics, a software modeling company he co-founded in 2003.

David is passionate about finding new, innovate ways to educate employees and motivate them to take action and personal responsibility for their health.  He is involved in a number of wellness initiatives, including The Wellness Underground, a forward-looking industry group whose goal is to challenge the status quo and to develop and promote “constructively disruptive” approaches for corporate wellness programs in the coming decade.

David has a BS in Electrical Engineering (magna cum laude) from University of Portland, and BA in Philosophy from Pacific Lutheran University.

04 Mar

Learn more about The Trail Blazers Foundation


The Trail Blazers Foundation supports nonprofit organizations in Oregon and SW Washington that are dedicated to helping children and families where they live, learn, and play. You can learn more about the Foundation by visiting their website


Money raised during the PAHU conference will be directed to our Moda Give and Go Assist Program. The Moda Give and Go Assist Program funds help support healthy, active living for kids. Money raised this season for the Give and Go Assist Program will be used to build an all-abilities playground at Cully Park in NE Portland. You can help us raise even more money for Cully Park! You, and others, can make a donation every time the Blazers make an assist. Visit trailblazers.com/assist to learn more or to make a pledge.




18 Feb

The IRS and IBS | Spring Forum Speaker, Theresa Barney

1094’s and 1095’s keeping you up at night?  Will the new IRS documentation send your clients into a complete free-fall exactly one year from now?  



Meet Theresa Barney, Manager, Health Care Reform at Moda Health and speaker at PAHU’s 2015 Spring Forum

As Moda Health’s manager of health care reform since the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, Theresa is responsible for leading the implementation of health care reform for Moda. Solely dedicated to health care reform and marketplace implementation, her knowledge and thorough understanding of the ACA and the national, regional and local marketplaces gives several teams across the enterprise the guidance and leadership needed to ensure a smooth implementation in a constantly changing environment.

Over the past five years, Theresa has been on the front lines of health care reform, working directly with the Oregon marketplace (Cover Oregon), Washington marketplace (Washington Healthplan Finder), and the Federal Marketplace for Alaska and Oregon representing the interests of Moda. Along with providing business partners and customers a level of confidence that Moda is on top of the ever-changing regulations, she’s responsible for ACA internal and external communications and ensuring policies and procedures are implemented to comply with the ACA requirements.

Theresa has over 24 years of experience in various aspects of health insurance. With a focus on client and producer relations, her vast and diverse knowledge gives her a unique perspective that allows her to think about and see obstacles and opportunities from a wide array of business needs including operations and risk management.


10 Feb

Waterguns and Strokes | Spring Forum Speaker, Ben Davis

At the 2015 PAHU Spring Forum you’ll have the privilege of hearing Ben Davis present Waterguns and Strokes; Protecting Incomes in the Post-ACA Marketplace

Ben Davis DiBroker

Ben Davis DiBroker


With all of the changes in the health insurance marketplace, it is more important than ever to cross-sell needed products to existing clients. And with reductions in health commissions, locating additional revenue streams can be the difference between having a bad year or making it a good year. Ben will share some amazing real life stories that will illustrate ways other agents have incorporated Individual Disability into their practices, and the impact it has had on client’s lives. Ben will also share a truly memorable exercise that will leave you always able to remember how important Health Insurance and Disability Insurance are for our clients.

Ben Davis has been a disability insurance wholesaler (or broker’s broker) with DIBroker since 2006.  He works with insurance producers on the individual long-term disability insurance for individual clients, or the carve-out individual disability for their groups. He coaches insurance agents through the process so they can sell the right policy to their clients, and helps them look good doing it. His office also provides back-office support: once the producer completes an application, they coordinate with carrier underwriters to get a policy issued without any more work on the producer’s part.

Come see Ben and many more dynamic speakers at the 2015 PAHU Spring Forum Wednesday, April 8th at the Oregon Convention Center.