Meet Our Lobbyist

Our Lobbyist on Your Behalf


Doug Barber has served as OAHU’s lobbyist since 2001. He works closely with OAHU’s Legislative Committee monitoring insurance and health care legislation. Doug owns his own company, Lobby Oregon, and represents a number of health care and other clients.

Before becoming a lobbyist in 1998, Doug was a television news reporter at the ABC affiliate in Eugene for 15 years. He was the station’s chief political reporter covering campaigns and reporting full time from the Oregon Legislature. Doug is a graduate of Colgate University and Harvard Divinity School.

“I continue to receive animosity from my clients on the direction employer based health insurance is trending, and to a great extent I agree with their frustration.  Even though a percentage of them want to point the finger at the insurance carriers for the increases in premiums and the reductions in services covered by their insurance we all know that this is a system failure.  We are all part of the system and each one of us can make a positive change in correcting the current trend.  The best tool I found to help my clients manage their frustrations regarding the health insurance system came right from the Oregon Association of Health Underwriters.  In working closely with our lobbyist, Doug Barber I gained a bigger picture approach to this problem.  Doug was able to introduce other players in the mix from the Governor’s office, from the hospital system, and most importantly he introduced us to the players voting on key legislation that impact us all.  This insight gives me a deeper understanding so I can educate my clients on all facets and together maybe one client at a time we can convey our value as brokers and demonstrate that we want to be part of the solution.” – Tim Rasch, Agent, Larry Sherwood & Associates.