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We believe that Americans desire a healthcare system that delivers world-class care and financial security. This system should be accessible and affordable, and it should have a positive impact on the nation’s economy. Successful healthcare reform will maximize consumer choice, restrain skyrocketing medical care costs, and increase access to healthcare for more Americans. We have consistently supported positive reform that achieves the objectives of affordability and accessibility. We have also consistently urged lawmakers to build upon our existing system’s strengths to achieve workable health reform solutions in a bipartisan manner.

With NAHU representing the industry, policymakers have addressed many issues the healthcare reform bill promised to create, including:

• Allowing health insurance agents and brokers to sell private coverage both inside and outside of the new exchanges.

• Preserving private insurance plans as the predominant source of coverage, without the creation of a government-run public health insurance plan.

• Working with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and policymakers to acknowledge the value of our members and the need to preserve your role in the health insurance system.


With NAHU working with key policymakers, your dues continue to support our role as the voice of the industry to:

• Create a joint task force with the NAIC and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to address agent compensation and medical loss ratio (MLR).

• Work closely with Congress and the Administration on the development of the new web portal for consumers to shop for health insurance.

• Work directly with the NAIC and providing guidance as states establish their exchanges.

Learn more about our national association at www.NAHU.org.


Take action and get involved! The Legislative Action Center gives you instant access to legislative alerts and updates, key votes, important elections and candidates. Expertly written communications about key issues may be sent directly to your personal representatives via email or printed letter.

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Reduce your taxes and help your industry – support your national and state political action committees. Few other industries are as heavily regulated as health insurance. Therefore, your success, and that of your clients, is directly dependent upon the actions of national and local legislators. It is absolutely critical that we help those candidates who support private-sector health insurance. The PACs allow members to combine their resource and strength to make a difference where it will have the greatest impact. It is imperative that we work together to counteract the strong and united forces of special-interest groups that oppose the free enterprise system of health care.

Learn about the Health Underwriters PAC here.

View information about the Oregon Association PAC here.



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